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Number of vehicles stolen in 2020

Number of vehicles stolen in 2020

The most stolen cars in the UK last year have been revealed, with the Ford Fiesta topping the list.

There were 3,392 reports of Fiestas being stolen in 2020, although this will come as little surprise since the supermini is the UK’s perennial best-seller, with 49,174 new Fiestas registered last year alone.

The second-most stolen car last year may raise more eyebrows, as this was the considerably rarer and more expensive Range Rover, of which 2,881 were taken. The Range Rover is susceptible both to covetous glances and expensive parts, but its maker, Land Rover, said that not only do “Land Rover vehicles conform to the legislation at the time of manufacture", but the firm "takes the issue very seriously", and is "working tirelessly to counter the ever-changing nature of vehicle thefts.”

Land Rover also highlighted that it "is one of the first manufacturers to successfully protect its new vehicles against relay attack, which has been independently verified by the ADAC and Which? in 2019."

Meanwhile, the third-most stolen car in 2020 was the UK’s third-best-selling car, too, with 1,975 Volkswagen Golfs falling into criminals’ hands.

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