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Our Steering Locks come with a 6 months warranty from the date received.

The Steering Lock should be in good condition. We will then choose to offer a replacement, store credit or a full-refund.

If you are having fitment issues, our team will try our best to resolve the issue. You are more than welcome to exchange or request a refund if the fitment is not correct.

Our Steering Locks need to have toothpick gap inbetween your Steering Wheel. This ensures that the locking mechanism does not get jammed. If you have not followed this vital step, you are liable for the Steering Lock jamming. We recommend cutting off the lock or alternatively, call 111 if you are in a non-emergency situation and exlpain the situation.

MyLoque will always be there to support you. Our Live Chat is 24/7.

We are so sorry to hear this. We take pride in the quality of our products. Our products MAY get damaged during transport as we all know, shipping companies do not handle products with care. We try our best to ensure our products arrive in the best condition, that’s why we apply “Fragile” stickers to our packaging.

Our Steering Locks are made from Steel. This material is the strong but not too heavy. The material can have minor defects which we cannot avoid. If you are not happy with your Steering Lock, please contact us for an exchange.


Our Customisation Policy

If you have purchased a custom Steering Lock, thank you. 

Our Custom Steering Locks policy must be read before purchase.


We allow returns on a Custom Steering Lock if you have chosen a base colour. The Steering Lock should be in the same condition as received.

Our Steering Locks go through a full customisation process.

Primer and high quality spray paint is used in our booth to ensure the best quality finish has been met. We then seal & protect your amazing finish!

Our Custom Steering Locks will get thrown around in your car causing the paint to become less attractive. We offer a 4 week paint warranty.

Yes, we will offer a re-spray at a small fee. Please, contact us.

Last updated: 02/02/2022

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