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MyLoque Partner Programme

Welcome To The MyLoque Partner Programme

Earn up to 5% commission for every successful referral order!

Help spread the awareness about the on going vehicle theft

About The MyLoque Partner Programme...

The MyLoque Partner Programme was founded simply due to the support shown by many customers.

Our Partner Programme gives you the opportunity to earn, share, and work with MyLoque to protect our vehicles. The Partner Programme is a light scheme to help spread awareness about vehicle theft. 

MyLoque Partners are given a 15% discount code to share. This code is commission based allowing up to 5% to be earned from each successful referral. 

Our Partner Programme has over 250+ active members. 

Join The Team

The MyLoque Partner Programme is FREE to join.

There are no requirements to Partner with us!


Grab discounted products through our Partner Programme to use to promote MyLoque. 

Promote MyLoque on your Social Media!


Earn up to 5% in commissions on successful referrals.


Check out the content posted by our Partners'

Thank you to all our Partners on our Partner Programme spreading the awareness around Vehicle Thefts.

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