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Revolutionizing the steering lock

MyLoque - est June 2021

MyLoque was founded on the basis to spread awareness about vehicle theft. The rise in vehicle thefts over the years has been astronomical. Thieves are now able to steal a car with specific equipment in seconds. Many vehicle owners are not aware of this and therefore are at risk of having their vehicle stolen.

MyLoque started off providing Standard Steering Locks – which were unique and caught the eyes of many vehicle owners across the world. In the first year, over 2,000 vehicles were protected with a “MyLoque” Steering Lock.

January 2022 –

We decided to expand. The unique Steering Locks were loved by many. MyLoque decided to take a leap. Vehicle owners take pride in their vehicle’s exterior and interior so, why fit a bulky and unattractive Steering Lock to your Steering Wheel? This is where we have revolutionized the Steering Lock by providing unlimited colours when choosing from one of our Steering Locks.

Revolutionising The Steering Lock

January 2022 –

MyLoque has been very successful on Instagram, now growing to over 250+ active car enthusiast Partners. All supporting and repping the brand. Our Partners & Customers take time and effort into customising their car to their particular taste. After realising this, we decided to offer Customised Steering Locks which are available in unlimited colours.

After pre-releasing the first batch of Custom Steering Locks, we realised how important it was to offer colours / designs that people would love to see in their vehicle, as well as protecting their vehicle!

Our Custom Steering Locks have become very popular. Colours and designs can be chosen by our Customers allowing them to choose what matches or looks good within the interior of their vehicle.

Custom Steering Locks cannot be purchased anywhere else within the world, and we are proud to be the first to offer such Visual Deterrent to protect your vehicle.

Our Customer Reviews

Our Brand has been built on transparency which has pushed us to success. Each customer will have a personalised experience when ordering with us.

Ultimately, we are here to help protect vehicles from being stolen. When it comes to dealing with issues regarding the product, we will always aim to resolve the solution. Our products are loved by many and we aim to uphold our amazing customer loyalty.

Check out our TrustPilot reviews which reflect on our service.

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